Tuesday, February 10, 2009



A front yard snow scene sampled, with detail.

Too much blue.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Who's to decide if there's too much blue and if there is, take some out. I like it and wouldn't have known there was too much blue. But then again, I'm an amateur and I haven't been around the block much. Doubtlessly you'll get people saying, "yes there is too much blue," but why this would be so, I don't know. I guess what you'll have to do,is show it to us less blue. Then we'll know. At least, I will.

Mick said...

Too much blue or not, you've created a chilly representation of the front yard alright.

jgy said...

Chilly arctic LI scenes.
Sometimes good to use too much of something, it shakes up our perception and takes us out of the ordinary.

Happy Birthday to Greg.
And good luck in his concert. Not surprising that you have a musician in your family.


John said...

I have a surprise for his birthday - a four cd set of 1965 to 1968 psychodelic. garage band hits - on Rhino and called "Nuggets."

Besides playing the string bass (classical"all county" orchestra), he has a Fender electric bass and a great Fender Strat.

The string bass will help him get into a good college and the strat should help elsewhere.

Like I told him ever since he was eight - "no one will care someday if you are good in Nintendo, but if you are in a band, there are beautiful musically oriented women who will..."

Greg has electric guitar bug bad. He already wants a Fender Mustang, a guitar used by Cobain fron Nirvana.

Me, - I am listening to a Jimi Hendrix concert recorded in Berkeley sjortly afyer Woodstock.

Facing east, riding east.

iPod survival.

redchair said...

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jgy said...

wow, Amazing, about Greg.
Did you say he's just turning thirteen?!

I love how your site is like a salon, always new viewpoints and discussions. Any chance of serving some virtual cheese and crackers, or white chocolate and cheesecake?!

Cheers to sunrises and sunsets, moonrises and moonsets,

The Artful Eye said...

Happy Birthday to Greg!

I have nephews his age and they both love the late 60's music, always burning CD's of my music to send to them. You're teaching them well.

Beautiful snowy image. I see snow birds here and there. Didn't they call Floridians who fled to N.Y for the winter, snow birds? I'm getting old. Maybe it was sunbirds or my brain is sun burnt.


JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

Hi John,
very interesting... what is it really a couple of sky's in a collage? Mixed with paintings? I am really impressed, very interesting... thanks for showing,

please come and watch my frost-snow-sky's welcome: www.joannwalraven.blogspot.com

JoAnn Holland