Friday, January 23, 2009


Mostly a manipulation of my footprints in the snow....darkened and muted and a bit of a bread truck, somehow.

I used to sample images of photographers like Debi and Lisa, but their blogs now limit downloading. That is wise since they do need to preserve ownership of their images.

I have not done that since they look better larger when clicked on. There are a number of images that I post with SM in the file name and these are much smaller files.

All of this is work in progress.

Thanks all for visiting , et al all day.


Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

I can almost here the crunch. Or is it crunk?
I've lived away from snow so long I can only imagine the sound the footprints make.

Magical idea to hint at what's beneath the white.
Looking from above at layers. Stepping into colors.
Yes, a dance.

Is the truck really there? I can't see it, but just knowing it's there somehow makes me happy. said...

PS. Do you all kow the OHOH, its a lot of fun. Many artists/crafters are giving away things thru their blogs. Everyone can participate.
I'm giving away a handmade set of FIJ carta,a card game, featuring a "litter-ary" selection of images.
For info about the event, to join or just to click on some of the sites and enter the grabbags:

Bev said...

I can see where that bread truck comes in. Tyre prints. I have often thought the soles of trainers look a bit like tyres. This must have been taken on a day off work.


among found objects said...

absolutely love fleetwood mac