Sunday, January 18, 2009

Image deleted...January 21...

Lovely snow falling here - there is a quitness in the air as snow muffles noises and reduces traffic.


John said...

I am interested in experimenting with portraiture, I do wonder if this could be marketable.

So far I am using attracive women as models which is like shooting fish in a barrell, or whatever the cliche is.

The Artful Eye said...

Are you asking if this image is marketable or if doing portraiture is marketable?

I think portraiture is very marketable, however shooting fish in a barrel is not at all challenging.

You've got what it takes, creative talent. Get your camera out there ask permission and start shooting faces. You will need more than a nose to call it a portrait though.

You needed my two cents like a sharp stick in the eye, eh?

I do like this image. A gal knows to follow her nose.


Bev said...

I notice you have an eye for attractive women.

I have read some of your early prose on this very blog:0)

The way this is put together reminds me of those split photos of moving things which gives a feeling of motion; or the way if you draw lots of little pictures on a notepad and then flick through it you get a mini cartoon.

jgy said...

I think you have so many possibilities to market your work, portraits, or otherwise. Would love to see you do it. "Samplers by John"?! People could bring you portraits, or snapshots and you could do your thing with them, making unique artworks or even reproducible artworks (cards, etc) from them.
Or you could make/ put together a portfolio of your sampled images of famous media people and then submit them to magazines, etc. They are defiinitely marketable, just the trick is to find the right market.
Gambatte! (in original color combinations)