Thursday, January 22, 2009


Sampled (too slightly) from a beautiful photograph taken by Lexi. My sample, being so close to the original work, my image is a homage/study rather than my creative expression. Lexi has an exhibit that commenced on the second day of Christmas. That was the "two french hens day," if I can recall December.

While at Lexi's I followed a comment to a blog of another Spanish artist. The work is striking.

I like to follow comments to new blogs. Somehow, I once got to Lexi's blog which led me to Joanne's blog. Joanne lives in southern Japan, but grew up two towns over from my home on Long Island. She finds beauty in the most common, often scrap refuse, and then she scans it or photographs it with her cell phone. She was kind enough to give me a Happy award.

Thank you all for letting me sample and play. My best. Always. Yes.


miguel gómez losada said...

Thanks my dear for use my work in your blog. I live in south, the north is for me a exotic thing, the winter is the same that a fantasy (my english is poor, excuseme)

have a nice day

among found objects said...

Absolutely love it. 2 french Hens, hahah. I love when you use my stuff. Always honored. I too have a high admiration for Miguel's artwork. Glad you were able to see it. Hope more people look at it. He is able to capture magical moments for me that conjure feelings of my childhood.

jgy said...

Again I admire the quality of a light-o-gram (ray-o-gram), of experimental photography that your image captures. Also lovely to make it a'homage' to Alexis's photo which is also beautiful.

You always pass along the happiness through your generous spirit, sharing different people's artwork and your supportive words.

Anonymous said...

We are complimented when you like something enough to use it. You are always welcome to use my images if they are give them another story, a new life in a new skin. what's not too like?