Saturday, January 17, 2009


Detail of a sampled wall - I like the final crow images in the post below - each of the larger ones for different reasons. I like to work with older tree limbs and it was good to incorporate a strong bird symbol.

I placed other images of the crow tree in the basement - side steps and explorations.

It is cold here - crisp and cold and you can even feel it indoors. If we ever reside we need to increase insulation. And buy newer windows for our downstairs. We have more modern windows upstairs.

Crows are smart and tough to survive int he environment outside tonight.

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Lisa Sarsfield said...

Crows are smart enough to survive outside in this when we can not and a single bird can bring down whole planes.

We NEED these miracles me thinks.
I will miss the crow.

I appreciate your comments also ya know:)