Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Fun in the shade, fast studies.

I have been listening to Neil Young's "Sugar Mountain" CD, a solo concert just after he quit Buffalo Springfield in 1968. Some old songs ("Mr. Soul," "Broken Arrow")and some new ones. He gets incredible mileage from his acoustic guitar. Worth listening to, unless his voice bothers you.

A star is born, still quite "young" and not at all jaded. He talks about how he bought an old Bentley with his new riches. Apparently that car was in the shop the night of the concert. Whee does one take one's old Bentley?


Debi said...

This is appropriate for the new year: orderly, hopeful, with a few holes in it.

Hope your new year is full of all the things you love. Like waxwings, Neil Young, and art.

Broken Arrow...if it's the same song, one of my all time favorite songs is Robbie Robertson's version of it.

The Artful Eye said...

Love Neil, but you already knew that. I like that voice, those musical times.

These pieces remind me of bamboo, a woven mat. Lyrical.

jgy said...

Do you remember Gary Puckett
(and the Union Gap)
Nothing in particular,
except that it ryhmes with Nantucket.

jgy said...

I suppose I have origami on my mind.
This would be a gorgeous set of squares for a pack of origami paper.

Frances said...

rock on

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