Saturday, January 24, 2009


Crepes no longer seem to be "in fashion." Like quiche. What else.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Crepes are just big, thin pancakes and they always stay in fashion here in the Netherlands, with or without filling. I make a mean one myself.

Bev said...

Very long films. There was a fashion for these in the early nineties - JFK was a case in point, over three hours. Was watching Wyatt Earl (3 1/2 hrs)the other night and it took me back...zzzzz......Wonder why they went out of fashion....

Quiche has not gone out of fashion in our household, but my kids call it 'quince', which makes it sound quaintly Victorian lol

jgy said...

Is Fondue still popular on Long Island.
(you see, there I can see the question mark but will give it a go without it)

I was telling my daughter about a crepe restaurant, the Magic Pan, where I used to go. Still around.
(maybe something like a question mark is needed;, like inJapanese there is NO question mark, but there is a verbal question mark, you say "ka" at the end of the sentence:)

Still around, ka.

Great funky image/improv of the crepe and the A.

There is a new crepe shop in town here called
Aphroodite, which is where that wrapper must have hailed from. I just 'found' the shop about a month after having found the wrapper. It's one thing I love about Japan, how they get away with such uses of language! (what do you think of the explanation mark,ka)

Anonymous said...

Fondue is not popular, crepes are not a focus of any restaurant (no magic pan, no magic flutwes, even magic mushrooms have gone bye bye).

I forgo tthat continental Euros might have a crepe a day to keep a dentist away...

here we make quiche at home sometimes, but there was a book called "real men don't eat quiche" which ruined quiche as a macho first darte dish.

Or maybe it wwas the second Bush administration. I can see Bill Clinton offering Monica some quiche...


Pierre Raby said...

This image is very interesting, scipt,
colors, contrasts, intriguing-
I love it.

Anonymous said...

This is different. And cool, I like it a lot.Is that a postal marking in there?

Having food allergies are no longer fashionable. Some of us are unfashionable.