Monday, January 12, 2009


Back to a wave, played out, I guess.

Today I was standing on a train platform waiting for the Eight-Twelve and the sun was reflecting off a stop sign eighty feet down and away and the sign looked bright white like a Mount Sinai burning bush of metal.

I had never noticed this before and maybe it was the day, the light, the angle, the clouds, whatever and it had a spiritual unearthly blinding glow....but if you looked at it for long time and then squinted you could see the letters that make up S T O P.


Joanne Gover Yoshida said...

Beautiful message from the universe.

(my camera is on a basic cell phone, standard.fare)

(deleted some words)
I wanted this comment to be 'wordless', just to partake of the post.

Pierre Raby said...

Great post John /beautiful image too.
While working in my studio last night,I listened to Bon Iver on your podcast link. You're right, he was on fire!

Bev said...

Reminds me of the great wave Yahweh conjured up to drown the Egyptians who were in pursuit of the Isrealites crossing the desert on the way to the Promised Land.

JGY said...

I had a mystical moment today,
was blinded by the light of a Yamazaki Bread Truck.
Literally stopped in my tracks.

I found myself sitting opposite staring at the girl in the red circle, the sun beaming down on me (it gets cold here, but the sun still is strong in winter).

Something about it reminded me of your post.

John said...






Choose an identity I am asked constantly.

Anonymous said...


Yamazaki Wonder,
goes by Wonder Yamazaki
depending on which side of the coin is up

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