Sunday, January 11, 2009


no.time little.snow how.can.eagles.beat.giants question.mark

oh.well early.fleetwood.mac desert.island.disk


JGY said...

Your comments become a text in themselves.
A world to transcribe,
full of fun and insights and puns.
Words verified and new ones applied.
Thank you, I smile at your commmm-positions.

Applause (great strumming)

You must be a very good lawyer. You see so much so quickly, and you assemble something clear and inventive from the evidence you gather.
In this image I sense movement and gravity and the levity. Worlds in a moment.

Still not over the excitement of the sleepover. Girls to feed.

The Artful Eye said...

Great song, indeed!
Santa Ana's today warm 80's.

Same way Steeler's beat Chargers.

Anonymous said...

Its. ok.john. You still have fleetwood mac and spritual encounters with stop signs.

I like the top image best, the one with the spilt pumpkin soup and tobassco sauce.


Our watermelons have seeds. Would eat more if they didn't! Not a fan of spitting watermelon seeds out. Ewww.

maicher said...

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