Thursday, January 29, 2009



Annie had a blog, took wonderful photos, wrote beautifully and then she deleted it.

These are excerpts of a variant sample of her crow's photo that she graciously allowed me to use.

There are reasons to come blog and also to go away. Many have to do with time and others with privacy. I enjoy the camaraderie here and also seeing how everyone spells better than I do.

Then, there is inspiration - for example, an artist such as Trijnie who amazed me with her glass, her painting, her photographs and her graciousness. Today I added Tatiana to my blog list - she paints vivid portraits and is showcasing her series where her subjects are reading. Please visit.

I must email Trijnie.

My best.


jgy said...

The blogosphere also is a microcosm of life.
People coming and going. I learned a lot from Annie, and then she left. The suddenness of it made it feel like someone dying. And it showed me that death is also a metaphor, and how we can love people and realize they are here for us for the time that they are here. Rather than get attached, its important to recognize it all as a movement.
Oh, sometimes I wish I could be more simple! Andnot go into the complicated analyses. But I am who I am.

And of course, I do. Love you, John.

(just so readers don't take it wrong, Love in the universe, the power of love, the energy of love, that sense of Love@@@)!!!!

Kim said...

ah yes the complexities of blogging...almost another universe that ebbs and flows like the tide...
riveting lilacs John...
I checked out Tatiana's portraits too...very strong indeed ..thanks for the link... :)
happy weekend :)

Bev said...

Once, twice
Fire and Ice

It is a shame about Annie. I have been visiting her blog and remember her posting about the black and white dress which was beautifully written, as you say.

lisasarsfield said...

Life before blogs....hmmmm.
Friends we never meet but feel we know, who we share with and care before blogs? I think I'll stay a while longer thanks.

People watching is a great past time. I do it often. Thankyou for sharing your memories.

This piece is great btw. Both of them. I love the veins and the colour.

Bed time in NZ. Yawning now!