Saturday, February 2, 2008


I had backbone of this image in reserve, unfinishable. When Sue emailed some pics to play with, it became "lightining quick" completing this one. The union came as one clear "what if" inquiry.

The background is sampled abbarently on shoreline in Babaloo photograph.

This colloboraton echoes why I sample. I need a wide variety of snippets to create iconic buiklding blocks to work with in order to pop out good work. I do not have time to take all the photos required due to my work and family responsibilities.

Sweet Irene gave an award to others and me - it is an "E" for "Excess" (I have to admit, there is some catsup on the monitor screen and I cannot make out all the letters of the award).

I accept this award for all who fail to slow down when slamming the speed bumps of a life of moderation. Thank you, Irene. Most kind.

Having gotten the Excess award - it needs to go to three max - anything more would be beyond excessive. I am also excessively lazy so these awards cannot be hyperlinked (I made them look like hyperlinks to foil anyone unwilling to read me carefully). To qualify, the award recipient must be in your links and anyone curious enough will need to get to the recipient website by manually clicking. Thus, only those excessively compulsive, the civil call it curious, will pay attention.

My awards go to (no drum roll):

"Woman In Glass " for excess talent, civility, grace

"Debi" for excess warmth, zeal, eye

"Sue" for excess heart, help and vision

Each will need to come here and claim their condiment prize - no courtesy notice. That is how important this award is. We also will co-opt and rip off any other award, including the Oscars this month.

Remember, "Awards were made to be broken."


dianeclancy said...

Hi John,

Cool image ... I love image #2 also .. that is from a Babaloo photo? Wild!

Very creative how you have sampled and transformed Irene's award!

~ Diane Clancy

Sue O'Kieffe said...

im touched by your award. collaborating with you is heaps of fun. i love the picture of mine that you chose. my friend who owns the little cottage with that painting on it will be tickled too, i think. i will have to ask her again what the trident symbol means. i remember it is ukranian, but that's all i remember. i'll send you the photo of the cabin soon.

im really curious how you will market any images that you created from sampled material.

~sue okieffe

Babaloo said...

They're all great, John, I love how the colours of the painting (is that what it is?) show up here and there. And the flowers.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Thanks, again, for your kind words.

Marketing sampled images - I have always lost money in art, even when doing creative wedding photography since back then I reinvested the money into equipment (film camera and lenses and flashes, then)

A gallery show to me means affording frames, advertising etc....

If the sample is very obscure, like Babaloo elements here, the problem is not that difficult. Andrea's cape cod pic is much more problematic and would require some from of artistic credit and reimbursement, hopefully on profits rather than mere up front licensing.

Your parts of the cabin fall in between. Grayer area but they definatively are not my slices of the pie. I did make this a pan.cake for now.

I have trying to figure this out and I also doubt anything will ever come of this financialy. I am keeping track of sampling and need to add your label to this post.

I do have a business friend whose aunt runs one of NY's most prestigious photo art galleries. I plan to see him this week at a trade show.

I do not sample whee there is a copyright - I did a screen shot of Neda once. But I do not sample her.

I do not think Andrea has given me explicit permission for my sampling, come to think of it, and will stop sampling her until she says it is ok.

Andrea, I am sorry of my sampling makes you art all uncomfortable.

My least intent here is to rip anyone off.

The Artful Eye said...

Go Giants! okay now that I've gotten that out of the way... this Excess award is outfrickin'standing. Can I say frickin' and not offend? Can I rant? Let me throw in my disclaimer here.(My comments are not reflected on the recipients of these awards nor the givers of these rewards.) I think these awards are wonderful,thoughtful and kind,all these things but reealllly in the big picture, aren't they excessive in and by themselves,and the added responsibility to the recipient?! This "Excess Award" made me laugh-out-loud. We are all talented and everyone deserves an award and the award is...drumroll please...tap.ptop.tap.ptop ..the friendship award,camaraderie. Congratulations, Trinje,Debi,and Sue.

Now back to the business at hand, the jury is still out for me on "taut" I like the combination of color and image but I'm conflicted by the soft image in the vertical rectangular shape against the background. Thinking...what if there were more random horizontal snippets of this soft imagery similiar to the one in the left hand corner and no vertical image. What if the soft images were in circles or oval shapes?

With regard to sampling: you have my permission to sample and thank-you for asking... and you WILL do a show, it's not IF, it's just a matter of time. Now go paint your children.(that's for Marie) Glad my mannequins scared you. Thank-you as always, for your visits and commentary.

Bev said...

I think this is a very unexpected combination. The picture looks to me like something you would get on the side of a barge, and is soft, rural and folksy. It contrasts with the angular lines in the green. I think the rectangles tautly contain the folksy rural explosions of colour.

Very difficult for me writing about art, as I don't know anything about it, but I'm sure you don't mind the extra comment. I just enjoy looking at them lol

womann in glass said...

Dear John.
I was off the world for about a week.
Still a red sniveling nose, but much better,
I feel even better now becourse of your warm gift. Thankyou so much I am honoured.
Hope I can put it on my blog.
You make me laugh by posting your Dutch comments. I must give you some lessons John.
You created a lot of new beautiful work.
(Je hebt veel mooie dingen gemaakt)

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Is it just me who sees the similarities between these and a mother board?? Electronic equipment?
Love the industrialish look with the flowers.
Nice work.

Thanks for letting me know my photo didn't load:)

Kris Cahill said...

Dear John,
At the risk of becoming excessive here...I also like the Excess Award! But is it ketchup, or blood? What is that award rated, is it Family Friendly?

I also see the similarities Lisa mentions. It looks like you are combining the human world with the technological one. The two are coexisting. Do you like science fiction?

This piece works for me in the woven quality of its elements. I can see how you'd need many images to sample. You are always welcome to borrow from me. :)

Bobbie said...

John, you make me laugh, you irreverent man you! I like these softer versions you are doing, especially "stay". You have a very special talent and I wish you the best. Having an Aunt in the business can't hurt :)

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Scifi - I like Twilight Zone,. Lost and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I do not wartch scifi cable channel much.

Gorls Goen Wild - that nmight be scifi - not a bad late night informercial. Thank God I can blog now for diversion....just kidding.

We do need a "Blog Gone Wild" award - no? Maybe "mon.key.gun.wild" to bring in animmal lovers and the NRA.

Thansk everyone for your kind words....