Wednesday, February 13, 2008



More sampling - New Zealand photos (365) and an Artful Blogland....Lisa and Andrea. Someday I promise I wil look up how to capiutalize Artful properly....

It is noted in a comment I have no male readers. I have showered with many men and never looked around. Still, they keep away, prefering apparently the scent of a woman (I cannot blame them - me I am an artiste').

Hans is the closest I have to the rare maleblog, and he makes me look at pics where he is holding yesterday's fish. I suspect he bought it at the market, but then I give men no breaks - part of reason men leave their mark on same hydrant after we each depart it. So many hydrants in Manhattan too. Harder than just leaving comments here.

I think I will not link to the lovely posts from Lisa and Andrea - those interested should meander to their blogs and see so so so many wonderful treasures. Mermaids and nests....birds and sunflowers. But, we already know that. Choir preacher am I.

Apparently at least one blogger wore Prada. M. Streep will play her when we all become famous.
Have a great day, night, morning - not sure where you stand.

Do not moimoi moi (the blue memes).


Kris Cahill said...

Dear John,

It is just your luck to be surrounded by the ladies. Oh, I almost forgot, I have something for you on my blog. (Smiles sweetly) Would you please come over and pick it up?

Hmmm...Monkey Mail to the rescue!!

Have you sampled a monkey for a quilt yet? is quite nice. I get a feeling of sun coming through trains and tracks. I like that you have sampled text in here.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

picket.pocket what a great name! You are most welcome to pick pocket, it is a compliment.
Yes males are either a very quiet or very rare breed in blogland. Perhaps the sharing of thoughts and (gasp!) maybe a feeling scare off are brave though John so go beat that chest!

Like the windows you left on the pp image, it makes me want to see what's inside even though I already know! lol.Yes I did note the fluro light.
I agree with Kris, the text in the b.a.f post is I'm getting to read something that wasn't rubbed out proparly.
Oh great now I am peeking in windows and reading other peoples notes....what have you done to me John???

Have a super day/night yourself :)

Sweet Irene said...

Help, I 'm going mad! John is obstructing my view of the nether things that lie behind his stripes and dashes and whatnots. I can see a less traveled road, but I can't get to it and I am so frustrated!

Get a hold of yourself, woman, do not behave so hysterically. You must learn to accept the irrationality of modern art!

Oh, okay, I'll meekly go wherever John leads me, however stumbly and bumbly the path may get. I am so scared of the abstract, though.

Well, you'll just have to grow up and stand up like a real man, uh...woman.

That's right, there are no man around these here parts, are there? Although I have been told that John is a man.

That's right, kiddo, but we've made him an honorary woman for the duration until we get more menfolk to hang out around here.

The Artful Eye said...

Wait! How do you know we not all men lurking behind women's names.

picket.pocket looks like a California condo complex with a stash of surfboards off on the side which is crazy because it really changed Lisa's beautiful rowhouse image. I like this one. playful. I see frosty icicles over my road. I'm on a slippery slope. It's a bit indicative of my mood lately.

with regard to blackberry's and inboxes:

My name for blackberrys and such are "crackberries" Most of the people in my office have them and they are forever jonesing (not sure if that's a word) over their crackberries and messaging and vibrating each other, it's perverse. It's just another way to stay connected to this insane world we live in. I won't ever own one. I don't want to be that connected.

I really don't have an inbox it's more like an inoffice. When you work for the government
there is no such thing as order, prioritize, organize,or planning. I was an organized meticulus individual when I started here and now I'm in hell. So I'm currently attempting to manage the unmanageable. As we say here it's all good in the hood.

I'm delirious. Have a marvelous day.

Rima said...

Do not moimoi moi? Them are fighting words, as you will soon find out - you just jinxed yourself. A smarter strategy would have been to just do the meme, smile politely and move on, with narry a complaint. Just be thankful you didn't have to answer one that asks what you had for breakfast or if you gel vs mousse. Hmmm, wait a minute, this could be an interesting meme to start...

Kris Cahill said...

Yes, women fight dirty. We can be worse than men, though less well known for starting wars. And there is more talking. Which I like.

Looks like Rima's going to invent an interesting meme. You have inspired her, you muse you!

Sweet Irene said...

I have been moi moid several times now and have taken on the challenge twice and may do it for the third time. Moi? Mais oui! Toi aussi!