Thursday, February 21, 2008

For the past two days Irene has posted truly beautiful mandalas derived in part from my images. Go here or there.

These two works remind me of grand old European ceilings - in a basilica or a noble dining hall. They are truly elegant and peaceful and alive and detailed.

Kidding aside, and I joke too much sometimes, the collective work I see among my new friends here is like a mouse clicking 21St century Grand Tour.

I do not think Irene will mind my copying one of her lovely Mandalas here.

Irene, it is an honor for you to reinterpret my work. Your posts, your visuals and words are a daily honest delight. Your comments are always insightful and appropriate. Thank you.

Hasta la vista.


Kris Cahill said...

This is a gorgeous piece, I agree. I am with you in that I find myself in awe of my blogging friends. The commitment to create, to pursue a vision excellently, inspires me. I will make sure to stop in at Irene's today.

I do enjoy your joking, don't stop!

The Artful Eye said...


It's very thoughtful of you to honor Irene here. She certainly deserves the recognition.

Grateful for the friendship.

Bobbie said...

Irene's mandalas are just knockout beautiful. I love the colors in this one made from your scan called creek.side. It is always so strange to me how the colors change and some become more or less prominent.

Sweet Irene said...

John, you are a sweetheart, thank you very much, I am blushing all over, you'll have to take my word for that.

Your images make very good material to work with, so I am lucky that way. It is you who puts the initial color and shape into them.

I do appreciate you honoring me like this, you are a true friend. Mwah!

Kim said...

Irene's mandala is magical !!!
and your egrets ...John...
look to be precariously balancing on the precipice of extinction....

Sweet Irene said...

Hi John, re your comment on my blog, I will try and pay attention to the birds I see when walking Jesker, although I think that as of yet there are not that many, but as you say, I may not be actively aware of them. We do have a bird identifying book, so that should help me if I get stuck.

I do know that the common house sparrow, as they are called here, is nearly extinct. Why this is so I do not know, maybe for less grassy areas in the gardens and less people putting out seeds and such, but I am not sure. I do see many crows, those of the ordinary black kind that screech.

I will pay better attention in the future.

Bev said...

They certainly are lovely mandalas. I am often surprised how three dimensional they are, and they do look like they could be the ceiling of a dome. I love your description of the 21st Century Grand Tour in cyberspace!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Irene and John,

This is beautiful!! Very nice!!

I want this as my ceiling!!

~ Diane Clancy