Friday, February 22, 2008


This one was like pulling teeth, some come easily and others need a drunken midwife.

Sampled Hans's geese again.


Lisa Sarsfield said...

I know what you mean sometimes the river flows and sometimes it dries when that happens.
You are funny by the way, and bad. VERY bad. Despite any possible likeness I am postive I was not drunk and misbehaving in NYC 10 years ago...however I we now know what you were doing.
Tutt! Tutt!

John said...

Lisa, my apologies - english is a second language and it was phrased as a rhetorical question.

The resemblance is striking - it bothers me that you refer to that most lovely face as a mask.....

Sweet Irene said...

John, there is an award for you over at my place, come and get it.

The Artful Eye said...

John- it's now 2:30 a.m. so I may be a bit delirious, but I was initially surprised by the color, a cobalt teal blue which is a favorite of mine and my then my next thought was that this piece was a homage to Roy Lichtenstein. One of my favorite artists of the Pop Art genre.

Are you still on Rat patrol?

Talked to my father and he mentioned lot's of snow happening there.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!

Sweet Irene said...

Not being as "artfully" informed, I had to look up Roy Lichtenstein and found out he was what was called a "pop-artist" and that he was also influenced by Karel Appel. I saw some examples of his work, which looked like comic strips, so I think I may have seen his work in the past, but I can see why Andrea made the reference to him regarding "snow.geese."

Technically speaking, being born in the 50's, I am of the generation of the 70's and I should appreciate loud colors, but instead, I turn out to be a rather meek person and go for muted colors instead and would not have made a good pop-artist groupie.

However, having said that, I do like your image and the composition of it and I can see how the brown and the blue work well together, but would have opted for a different color myself. I don't know what it is with me and "shouting" colors, we just don't get along, but I am sure, John, that you are going to reeducate me now.

Anyway, I borrowed the image and will make something of it and I'll see if I like it better then.

By the way, when I was here earlier, there was a completely different image here, something done in a rusty red and just as I was about to post my comment, it disappeared. Strange, huh? I don't know what could have happened to it.

You wouldn't know anything about that, would you , John? I was just dreaming?

Debi said...

(Irene, I also saw the mysterious disappearing image. John, haven't you learned yet you can't hide much from women? ha)

Drunken midwives pulling teeth? (I've had days when I needed dental work like that too.) You do know there is an American quilt pattern called drunken geese? No. I think there is one called "drunkard path" and another for "flying geese." Oh well.

I like finding the rhythms in your work. This one feels like what seeing a flock of geese flying in a V pattern on a bright blue day looks like.

John said...

Irene and Debi, an image did disappear...stocks go up and down...that imnage got salt peter and shrunk.

Snowed here about five inches, Andrea. First one of the year....melting slowly. Thank you for the Roy Lichtenstein nod - I did not see it but it reminded me of wishes for a lovely Saturday.