Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hard eight is a suckers bet at the craps table, unless you have ESP. IOU ESP ASAP.


Draft, dodger.

Lisa, again. Birds, again. Irene's web waves....I am not loosening up.

Kris, provided last minute inspiration - follow her link to upbeat video clip - cool open friendly interview of a painter painting - a fork in a Golden road.

Fiber. Those little baby carrot sticks...I cannot beleive they grow like that. By product of V-8? My friend had worked at V-8 factory and swore he would never drink it. We free associate here.

Back on topic and for Lisa- mangroves create paradise - they maintain paradise, natural policemen to hold back waves and and big fish - to keep fish fry, unfried.

Where there are birds, there is food and where there is food there is balance. Not talking about Winn Dixie or Safeway. Safeway does sell plastic forks. So, artists - la la la la, peace.


The Artful Eye said...

I see the wind blowing heart-ily through town tossing about the freshly laundered bedsheets hanging by clothespins on a line.

Egrets patiently waiting for their gerbil delight.

Lovely execution! of mice and of man.

Sweet Irene said...

Oh man, John, I love these, especially "nice.ladies.heart.eight"

This definitely has to go on your portfolio website. Yes, I took a peek there yesterday. It all looks splendid.

Consider yourself blessed with lots of talent. Time to get really serious, I think, or are you already?

Bobbie said...

"nice.ladies.heart.eight" is my favorite too. The red is what does it for me 'cause I love red. Now I have to find your portfolio site...

Kris Cahill said...

I love "nice.ladies.heart.eight". Wow! Fantastic piece. Glad to be of inspiration! And of course I love the title.

"man.grovels" is excellent as well. You are really on a new roll here, and I like it much. Fantastico!
La la la...The energy in your work is new and exciting. You look like you are having fun with it.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i love how we benefit from each other and all of our combined energies.i am groovin on the progression of these images..the contrast of red and the inclusion of seagreen...i think you must be sensing the burst of spring about to happen. i wonder if there are man.a.tee in your man.groves playing eg.ret.fully?

im honored, john. they are all yours.

~sue okieffe

Neda said...

Although you bemoan the absence of male commentators, I have to tell you that on behalf of the ladies who lunch here, YOU have infused our blogs with much quirkiness and humor, despite your penchant for the little freaky creatures. You're loads of fun.**Souris** (that's French...but you knew that).

Thanks John.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Aye, yes me thinks this is a mutualy enjoyeable and beneificial thing goin on here...I love the slices of almost reality with the colours woven through it.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Doh, though the picture above had a seperate comment box...love the red and the fact that it's partially obscured, like an compliment quietly & shyly said...