Friday, February 8, 2008

I was very happy to RSVP to Sue's invitation to play and colloborate. I consider this a wonderful opportunity for synnergy amongst our very creative community. Others have also joined; see for example, see Rima's interpretation of Sue's evocative Mandala.

Sue recently emailed me some additonal photos - this one of a Great Egret is excellent. I am playing with her image to create something for her to use, if she wishes. Below is are drafts, purple and greenish, that I hope echo a wood block print or of cave painting.

My favorite transformed pic, although, is just a crop of her image which creates a soft abstract design grounded in the focused grace of a wild bird in its prime. Survival of the most elegant. There is a dash of late Monet here, somehow.



Earlier this week I went to a meeting in a large mid town law firm conference center and they had four original Audobon folio engravings from the 19th century. Large life size representaions that are simply stunning, this collection displayed a snowy owl, black crowned night herons, a northern gannet, and a great blue heron. I walked around the room and marvaled at them before the meeting, much more vibrant than any I had seen in books. No one else in the room, more thirty people, even noticed their splendor.

Pearls before technocrats.

Does anyone else have a spell check here that no longer works? It was my favorite typo placebo.


Sue O'Kieffe said...

im glad you liked the egret, john. i took that photo with my first 1.4 mpx digicam. i felt really honored that the egret would stop and pose for me. i'll have fun playing for sure with your renditions.

i wanted to tell you, too, that the ukranian trident that was in the image you used previously represents "brotherhood, love, and bread"
~sue okieffe

Neda said...

One of the rewards in this blog community is sharing ideas and I an very happy that you have paired up with Sue and others before...I think all this leads to many lovely experiences and true artistic friendship without the b***tching that usually goes on.

Yep. No speelcheck for 2 weeks now...Very fus-trating (as my little niece used to say)...I am having tons of problems with the comments too (not getting into my email notification)...Embarrassing really..

dianeclancy said...

Hi John,

Neat that you saw those pictures on the wall!! WOW!! Books look great so those must have been wild.

My favorite is the first crop too - it does look like Monet.

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Yes me too, and trouble posting comments...blardy technology!
Love that bird...
Amazing how so many people can see yet not see (the artwork on the walls in this case) sounds like you were the only one who benefited from the enjoyment of seeing!

Sweet Irene said...

Do not regret the egret! What you have done with it is lovely and amusing in ""

I also like the cropped image, as it seems more like a delicate painting by a talented botanist.

My spell check underlines the misspelled words, but does no longer give me the correct word instead, so I have to figure it out on my own. It's a real challenge.

Pablo is getting to you isn't he? I will concentrate my efforts on Vincent and Claude for awhile. Maybe Karel too. Pablo is a very grateful subject, however, even though he is cantankerous and Spanish and oversexed.

Bobbie said...

lol! Irene you are so amusing. I like It reminds me of the technocrats surrounded by the art and oblivious to all. Spell check sort of works for me but lets me use the wrong words...through for throw, etc. There is no help for me. It has never given me the opportunity to choose a word from a list, only tells me that it is wrong. plughhh! I love the way it always highlights blog as mis-spelled. did not do it this time..sigh.

Enjoy your work and collaborations with Sue!

p.s. internet has been down more than up here in Gilmer, TX. Then a big wind storm killed it for 3 days, now it is working tonight and we hope in the morning too. Does anyone else have these kinds of problems?

The Artful Eye said...

First thought that came to my mind for was field of brontosauruses. I no longer saw the egret. I love the color combo and the illusion of stained glass. How fortunate you were to see those Audubon engravings. It's amazing what people miss when they're not looking,as David Byrne would say, ' and they're blind, and they're blind, blind, blind" to the beauty that surrounds them. I didn't even know we had spell check. sorry... I like to spell.

Kim said...

hi John
the egret crop is monetesque indeed...
the tangled midground seems to be crying out for lily pads..
positively palaeolithic egret in the cave art
I don't miss spell check as I prefer to make up my own words anyway:)
only one word for those who choose to ignore the art ...cretonites !!

Rima said...

you're having rss feed trouble!! new posts not showing up on my feed - anyone else with this problem?

You've been using a lot of these purples and greens lately - to great effect. I like the e.gret. I read regret instead though. What does it say about me?

if you take a vertical slice of the original, to include the sky and the branches above, and less of the earth below - what would you see?

Audubon originals, wow... it's good that corporations have the money to buy these artworks, even though they probably prefer the kind that depict Elvis-bewigged dogs with huge eyes, playing poker, on black velvet.

As for spelling, eh, you spell like my husband and he's been to some fancy shmancy schools too. His excuse/cop-out is that George Bernard Shaw was a lousy speller, and that didn't stop him.

Rima said...

suite to my last comment: john, don't tell anyone, but i'm an idiot. i'm not having feed reader problems with your blog.

Trijnie said...

If you have the EYE you see. Its so interesting how you work with the images

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

the world is devided between those that see and those that cannot and then further devided by those who can spell and those who cannot.

i like to yell not spell

tahnks eryveone i apprateict it su moch

wegards, yawn mora