Sunday, February 24, 2008


Reminds me of ice cream sandwich bar - I always preferred plain vanilla. Thanks, Lisa. Too close to your image. Sorry.

Wanted to know what you all thought of this audition for Project Runway - a bit of what I would call Long Island princess mixed with "want to be" fashion diva? Sex sells or just sells out? Apparently Jillian did not make the cut for season three and this was her next try and she got on. Michael Korrs, who she refers to, seems to have made it much bigger as a result of being a judge on the show...he has big footprint on the main floors of New York Macy's stores. Must also be from Long Island given her reference. My kids all sound like they are from here - dropping R's and saying Kaufee for coffee. Billy Joel was our biggest export other than 1950's track housing blueprints. People also used to eat a lot of Long Island ducks. These days there are more wineries than ducks on the East End rural sections remaining.

Montauk, The End, is still beautiful - The Hampton's, where they run polo horses, is a bit further in.


Kris Cahill said...

OK,YOU'RE ON THE SHOW!!! Now stop whining. OY.

She's an actress being a fashion designer, or is it fashion designaw out there? I've watched the show a few times. I actually find American Gladiator more entertaining, having watch it accidentally for the first time last week. It made me laugh out loud, so I like it.

Fashion antics aside, this image is interesting to me. I like the bar of happy color, the "window" to color in the midst of sepia tones. Has an emotional feeling of summer, lovely. Nice!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I have seen one or two series of project runway but this one's not screening here yet. Alas we do have the latest season of American Idol playing...

Yes, close to the original image but it was a beautiful original if I may say so myself!
I like the subtle changes to it.

I have some banana's if you know any mon.key.s looking for some:)

Bev said...

I thought you meant Jillian was the lady who had done this picture. However, on viewing the video she does not seem the artistic type, spending most of her time twirling about. I thought you meant she was your artistic friend.

I think this is the best yet. It reminds me of sophisticated cosmopolitan, and sitting on the cafe terraces, perhaps in an Italian city. But this is somewhere altogether more exotic, and the neopolitan acts as a sunset, though an obviously cool one. Huge tensions add to its power.

Joy Logan said...

Love that collage above. I'm not a big TV fan myself,don't know all those shows. Wow you live in a marvelous area don't you. "Lunk Ilan" huh? Ever read the book"Nightfall" Demille it took place there. I would love to see it one day. I love those "ice teas" of theirs,lol.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

what kind of dodo shoots a video directly into the sunlight? what were they thinking anyway?


Neda said...

How surprising! She is a very talented and serious designer (I love Rami too but I am biased because he comes from my part of the world)..This is SO unlike her. I am a bit flabbergasted.. I guess pretending to be a ingenue will get you anywhere (too late for me. boo hoo)..Who do you think will make the cut on Wednesday?

Your image looks like a sultry tropical place (or is it hot flashes? Who knows). My kid, born and raised in Austin, speaks in a multitude of accents (and not restricted to the US...) while I still have that pseudo-French accent after 24 years of being in the States!!!

Neda said...

Oh yeah..I forgot to ask you: are you guys watching the Oscars tonight? Open that bottle of wine and enjoy the fashion mistakes :)

Bobbie said...

I haven't been following Project Runway this year, but this video takes the cake. I was expecting her to tap-dance out the door at the end. And that getup, where did she come up with that. I do hope she has done some better work for the show and has lost that poor little me whine.

I had a little mini-vacation via wikipedia and looked up Montauk. A very interesting place with a long history of exciting events.

Keep poaching, John :)

John said...

What is amazing is that Jillian is very talented and, as Neda points out, this vid is out of character to her poise on the show. She was one of two finalists, the third one having to be on a run off.

Rami, who Neda referenced, is one for two contestants still trying to get the third runway spot. Rami is straight and the other two "finalists" are fairly man gay.

Sue, she took the vid with sun at her back because her apartment seems to face west and have an expensive view of the Hudson River and New Jersey. So it is either with western afternoon light or no light at all, so she chose some light. Last shots seem to be at sunset with sun fading. In fact to a New Yorker in this vid she is bragging about her apartment.

You do not need to win to jump start your career it seems. Being nice (polite, helpful, not cut throat) seems to be the modus operendi for many.

Jillian actually seems sedated in most episodes. She never has acted like this on the show.

If you do internet searches you can see the collections shown at fashuion week a few weeks ago. Season finale is next - this week.

Sweet Irene said...

Sorry, can't watch the video with the sound on as it is the middle of the night here and I don't want to wake up Eduard. Besides, I don't know what this is all about anyway, so I am in the dark. Literally, sitting here by very dim light.

"Neo.politan" is lovely and I wouldn't change a thing about it. The light in the door is very enticing and the rest is just mystical enough. I wonder what I can make of it?

What about all those Long Island ducks? Have they all been shot? Wineries on Long Island? Not so sugary grapes?

Kim said...

I loved the tantrum at the end and agree with Sue on the lighting...I felt like shining a torch on the video :)
this latest image is great !!
love the chair door window...most mysterious....
have to go get ready for my Oscars Party...woo hoo ;)

John said...

Irtene, those poor ducks were farm raised - white feathered ducks that never tasted flight.

Some of the wines are good butr over priced. Expensoive land and labor. Think of Argentian or Chile but with with a feathered boa and rhinestones.

Kim, so it is like a morning Oscar party!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

as for your painting, i see a thin film of chocolate sauce on something rather delicious underneath. makes me want to sample its flavor!

Kris Cahill said...

John, I must know. Did you really send Monkey Mail to Blogger's Choice? I'd love to see it!!

The Artful Eye said...

All I can say is I'm taking all your words that this girl has talent because I could barely get through this video. I need to catch this Project Runway. I've watched and enjoyed a few of the seasons but now I'm curious about this one. I would have snuffed her immunity fire. Oops wrong show!

I like Neo.politan alot. I see a room with a light on or a sun setting off the balcony.

Lovely...still trying to recover form this vid.

Love Montauck Point.

dianeclancy said...

Hi John,

I really like this one!! It does look like ice cream.

I have not feeling well so just touching base with my most faithful people - thank you!

~ Diane Clancy