Saturday, February 16, 2008


Not Neko Case, but still purty sweet. Some of the dream remains....

Sweet Irene once again awarded me, I would not call it a mad skillz (glad someone else can spell), just sometimes it pays to know the names of inexpensive weak made in USA (not outsourced to Mexico) beers:

For those interested in reading more about the cattle egret - fun facts form Cornell:

"The Cattle Egret is native to Africa and Asia, and only reached the Americas in the late 19th century. It was first found in northeastern South America in 1877, having probably arrived there from Africa. It reached the United States in 1941,and started nesting by 1953. In the next 50 years it became one of the most abundant of the North American herons. It has occurred all the way to Alaska and Newfoundland, and has bred in nearly all states.

The Cattle Egret is an opportunistic feeder, and will follow large animals or machines to catch insects they stir up. It also is attracted by smoke from a large fire. Egrets come from long distances to catch insects trying to escape the fire.

The Cattle Egret occasionally adds birds to its diet. At Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas off the coast of Florida, migrating Cattle Egrets land on the large green lawn inside the fort, probably hoping for some nice grasshoppers. Because no insects are there to be had, the egrets try to catch the migrating warblers that also have stopped on the tiny island."
First draft prior to crop and tone edits:

Tomorrow is a welcomed holiday in America. President's Day because George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were born in February. Next holiday is not until end of May - quite a dry spell


Neda said...

You guys up North have the day off? No fair!!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

woohoo i have the day off too. hope you have time to do something nice for yourself...
~sue okieffe

The Artful Eye said...

Lovely movement and color.

Flag of broken hearts and dreams.

Thank-you for interesting facts on Cattle Egret. They sure are beautiful, smart birds.

and Happy Prez Day! Looking forward to having the day off as well.

Rima said...

Yes, purty sweet this one.

Sweet Irene said...

John, I like the colors you are using lately and so subdued and elegant. Very understated. As if it is a very quietly read long poem in the early morning light when it is misty.

Like the fact about the egret and now understand what sort of a bird we are talking about. It is a "reiger." I don't know how many kinds of these we have in the Netherlands, but they are quite common and my sister and I always see one by the pond.

By the way, the picture of the North Sea on my header is stolen. I googled it and took it from another website and hope I am not caught. I should go and look who I really stole it from and see if this is a serious operation. I will send you the link.

Sweet Irene said...

Apparently, I stole it from a local shanty choir in South-Holland and they seem pretty harmless. Here is the link:

and here is the link to the picture:

Kris Cahill said...

John, interesting info on the cattle egrets. They sound kind of like pirates, and good survivors.

Like this first draft, looking forward to more.

dianeclancy said...

Hi John,

Congrats on this award!! You rock!

~ Diane Clancy

adyaaedh said...

This looks cool.......N..U.E...........Rocky and Wally's free Web Store! ..A..F..R.C.