Saturday, February 23, 2008


Although titled after dreams of youth, the image is based on web page for one of the Project Runway finalists, a talented woman from lovely Long Island - Jillian Lewis. Marie and I do not watch reality TV, but we do watch this fashion competition, having found it addictive since end of season one - a very creative venue.

This does not mean I follow fashion much, I never buy GQ or dress GQ, etc. I do have a sense of what colors are in and out and can see that women's handbags are about the size of small luggage. Two years ago no fashionable woman in Manhattan wore stockings - ornate ribbed stockings seem to be in this winter.

Although I am not on TV, I have been blessed with two awards this week - Kris gave me one picturing a female (age undertermined) doing aerobic exercises - very fit except her heart popped out of her chest and is floating in air - too graphic for me. Almost a "Kill Bill" quality. Wait, maybe it is picture of Kris doing a reverse painting of a redish heart.

Irene gave me one of the world, it is clear from the image compared to the one last year that there is indeed global warming. Need to get to Amsterdam before the seas rise. That must be a concern there, joking aside.

Thank you, both. A chaste and platonic kiss for each.

Earlier draft:



Rima said...

oh, i love this summer dot! it is so evocative of the sixties - in a sophisticated, avant-something way, I mean.
A little japonisant too.
In short, all my favourite influences. This one's mine!
have a good and creative weekend, no midwifery needed i hope :-)

Sweet Irene said...

What a lovely painting, John. I saw it and said, "Oh, that's so nice!"

The composition pleases my ordered mind and the colors are just right, so tender and understated, without being delicate and frail.

The combination of blue and green and coral red is just right, and then those little flowers!

Lately you have been making a lot of little masterpieces. It's like you are in a groove and keep getting it just right. At least, according to me you are.

As to what colors are in, I don't have much of a clue and stick to grays and black with the occasional splurge of red and green and yellow as accent colors. I am not nearly as ornate as my images. Are you?

Kim said...

you have definitely captured this seasons runway colours John !!
overtones of Kandinsky...
love the analysis of the visual aspects of your awards..hehehe

Debi said...

Usually there is high energy going on in your pieces, but this one gently soothes.

Like another Summer of Love, from 1967, how about looking at your piece and listening to Groovin' by the Young Rascals

The Artful Eye said...

This piece is beautiful. It reminds me of spring, japanese botanical gardens.

Bobbie said...

I'll take the previous draft run.way. I love the clear bright jewel colors. I watch Runway on occasion and find it strange that I do since am not fashion conscious. I call my look "Walmart Chic" hehe. I think it is the creative process that attracts me to Runway, I mean art is art isn't it?

The Artful Eye said...

I'm back. How did I miss run.way? Did you post this later?

I like run.way best.

John said...

Later, now earlier - all relative. Sometimes it is fast and you think wait, it has to take longer....

Thanks, everyone, for most kind words.

Last day of kids' vacation and have to make a Thomas Edison puppet today out of a sock or a paper bag. Why can't it be a digi.edison?

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i love the colors with overlay of what looks like delicate floral fabric. i do not watch much television either, but found something called top model on the tube last week which i found equally appealing.

i am discovering you art training my eye for abstract appreciation, just like you have developed a mandala runway in yours. i think we are both blessed duckies.

happy sunday!

Kris Cahill said...

Fun glorious colors here! You are getting ready for summer, I can see it. Love the run.way draft too.

I look at those little flowers and am inspired for the ones in my head that need to see the light of day on my canvas, er I mean, vinyl. Thanks for the inspiration.