Friday, May 18, 2007

Will (not) power

It is freezing this morning - not February freeing, but too cold for mid May. So I wore no jacket as if doing so would force the gods to warm the South Shore of Long Island despite the steady rain driven by a persistent wind.

I froze walking to the train station, my soul laid even barer by need to have one arm up with an umbrella.

You cannot will a change in nature and not even in human nature. My "deep" thoughts for the day.

Everyone knows how badly they feel when they are ill. There might be an hour when one is better that one revels in the joy of suddenly being whole again. Then we forget. I feel fine, but should be happier.

So I am on a train, warming up typing into a blackberry. Blog by way of email since one cannot directly make a post with this little demonic device. Sitting here staring at poster that states "Lose the 9-to-5 Find Your Montreal".

The poster has cobblestone street washed in the rain (rain again) and you see knee down the legs of a man and woman walking. Great legs on the woman. Photo is good ad - warm golden hue to the print and anyone looking at the image can dress up or dress down the ambiguous couple based on their own lifestyle preferences. Night on the town or going to a humble pleasant pub.

I had a friend who went on vacation to resorts where he and his wife had to dress up big time for meals. The guy did not like casual Fridays.

I do not think I will lose the 9-to-5 soon.

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