Saturday, May 26, 2007

Spelling lesson

Long Island railroad had switch problems and getting home was frustratingly slow this Friday evening. Wish I had not forgotten my new book or bought 250 ml of a Cabernet. Listened to the New Pornographers on my iPod and they did not blow me away, old pornography apparently was (is?) more original and inspired.

Train finally moved and rolled. Friday was a hot day - first of the year, really. I so wanted it to be warm and now it is here. Smells like the beach and summer fashion is in full swing out there. I enjoy all the seasons, but tolerate winter the most. Spring and summer. Baseball and all things beautiful.

Worked late Thursday night on painting of the three sisters. Lot of image painted over. Looked promising. Finished it tonight and got up in the middle of the night to varnish it. Looks quite dashing. Hard to give it up.

Some paintings you do and do not mind when they are gone - like those done specifically for a gallery show. Others have a bit of our heart beat in them, or your tears, or your laughter, or your sleepy mind (as I feel at 4 AM as I write this).

My fingers are a bit sticky - the clear varnish does that to them. Yet, I enjoy the chemical smell and how my hands are slightly gummed by the varnishing process. Varnishing is like delivering the baby. Or like when a baby turns two months old and suddenly it smiles.

Once a pic is varnished colors pop out and it is like being young and in love.

Three day weekend. Looking forward to it. Manic male mockingbird is singing in triplets outside. Endless and rabid.

How do you spell insomnia?

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