Thursday, May 24, 2007

Collages, losses and a song

I have been examining the collages I have made via MS Pant et al. Collage - this is the best description - and I believe my work is valid. Every layperson I have shown them to has made positive comments, other than those few that do not like "modern art."

I need to take the C prints I have made and paint on them - create a portfolio and then shop a minimum of eight to galleries. Size will be 11 by 14, maybe a few smaller.

Finally see the "altered forest" for the trees.

The idea that the images all have to be of one model might seemed necessary until today. Have to develop alternative strategies. Still needs to be tied in - you need a gimmick (bad word). Theme, let's call it.

I wish I were paid to think.

Read an interview by Croatian born actress forced to leave home and career due to civil war. She holds a Buddhist view that "life is a series of losses." Funny, but just when I wrote quote regarding life and losses, a song started on my iPod with snappy refrain that "you can close your eyes and never be alone."

Life is a series of iPod songs, sometimes.

Take advantage of opportunities and accept and appreciate gifts and wonders before they are lost.

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