Friday, May 18, 2007

Merchant and Bad Musician Art

Blame John Lennon for creating market of muscian doodles that sell for too much. You do not see fine artists humming a tune and linking that dribble into their web site.

John Lennon's "Power to the People."

Natalie Merchant has a melancholy perspective that I can take in small doses in her studio work. It sort of feels like the music wants to lift you while her aloof emotionless voice brings you down.

My favorite of her CDs is "In Concert" where the audience gives her a spoonful of energy.I respect her music and her calm sensibilities.

I think Natalie would make an incredible neighbor. We need eighty million people like her to get rid of most of those red states. That is my guess for the day.Her drawings suck. There is link to them on an earlier post.

I do not like the Jerry Garcia art - OK, passable graphics on a tie. Ties are not high art. Many ties are damn ugly.

Peace. Dark Star.

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