Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Prints, Music, Maybe, Always (Never Mind)

Picked up more 11 by 17 prints - look good. Need time to paint them up.

Been listening to music - best "record" I have heard in a while is Lucinda Williams "West" Great songs, lyrics, vocals, exact performances. The only thing I might fault it on is how good the musicians are - so perfectly polished that maybe it detracts ever so slightly because their polished quality and taste are so blatant. Like putting a tiara on a drop dead beautiful woman. Does she need it or does it distract attention form the miraculous?

Hell of a record. Hell of a band. Miss a random note on purpose, next time. We need to honor The Clash, everyday, somehow.

Also bought "B Sides" for two Moby CDs - "Play" and "18." Liked "Play B Sides" but less so "18 B Sides." Drums machines cannot be upfront - they lack soul, you have to hide them. On "18 B" they are front and center in the mix and their contribution, or lack there of, depresses me. Not enough vocals either on the B's - vocals bring humanity to Moby's electronic centered music.

I never want my images to be automated. I use MS Paint because it is crude and subject to human error. Better yet it can lead to the chance of miracle. I pray for the those little miracles. There aren't enough, maybe.

Maybe is an important word for me. Maybe and the word "always." I long for always. Settle for maybe.

Prefer always to never, most of the time. Maybe.

I never want to own a drum machine. Never. A bit about Natalie Merchant next time - did I spell her name correctly? But not about her art.

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