Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Beautiful Day

Took earlier train and did something have not done is a while - ran with the bulls and walked up from Penn Station past Times Square and Radio City to my office.

Perfect weather for the brisk walk and I was amazed how quickly some trim fit women can walk in four inch stilettos. I wondered what birds were in the park, warm days meant south winds which help migrating birds move north over night. I miss birding. Twelve years ago in Spring I was in Central Park every morning before work, possibly also in the evening.

The walk was good - I have not been exercising enough and not painting. Just dabbling on computer. Need to get fingers dirty and sweat a bit.

Finished a novel - liked it a lot. I do not read much for pleasure. Guess I read too much at work. Miss being in that world - book was slow paced but for me perfect and I was transported.

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