Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tale of two paintings

Same image - computer manipulated photo of three sisters when younger. Eight and by ten size prints on C photo paper. The first one I started on I used a light touch and then I went past margins with the paint (tactical error) and so to save it the pic got heavy and then heavier . Meaning more paint and less of original image. A vicious cycle not unlike lust. Sometimes whatever you do just drags you down deeper.

So the first pic was heavy and I did a lighter one and stayed light and within the frame and then somehow I pulled it out and the pic is so magical I cannot give it away. It is a sort of template. Balance between transformed pic and the paint. Magical.

So for two days I have been trying to save heavier pic and everything I did made it worse, then better, then worse. Like a bad roller coaster ride. I know sometimes it get really bad and then you pull it out - like delivering a baby.

So I am working and my wife says - that is horrible, throw it out and I am like thinking - thanks for the vote of confidence. So she makes me work harder not to destroy but to remove or blunt many elements and suddenly it pops out....slow motion like a car crash (all senses alive) nicely. So quick yest so slow.

The high point of my day. I look at it and melt. It is good, which makes me want to laugh (not because funny, but because I am charmed).

It is this feeling as much as anything that makes me crave to create. All day I did mundane things like clip hedges,m take trash to the dump but what I was going to do to the pic was always on my mind....

But I like the second one with a light touch even better. The one I would keep.

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