Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another day, another....

Walked up again from Penn Station. Another glorious day, cooler and nice breeze. Takes about thirty five minutes for me to walk up - 25 blocks or so in traffic.

In Times Square men and women trying to get tourists to ride tour buses have replaced the pimps and hookers. Nice alternative, skin movie Taxi Driver to see how it used to be.

Walked in and out of skyscraper shade. Each time in the sun I felt alive. I'll take summer over winter anytime.

Noticed young tall woman walking with a delicate woolen shawl. The sight, her step, her hair moving in the breeze as she embraced her shawl and walked assuredly was the commute's most clear vision. Grace and taste and individualized style.

Need to find good book to read. I am a man of habits - call them temporary addictions, maybe better called obsessions. I have tried but I have not been able to change that. Defines me more than most other characteristics or traits.

Need to get the high end camera - then need time to do pictures.

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