Sunday, May 6, 2007

Another post with no picture (almost)

The wedding painting of the couple looks good - not sure if composition is strong enough but picture has a Kadinsky-like happiness (cheerfulness) to it - bright colors and a small red valentine art bottom right. Blues and pinks and copper. Generally content but I always strive for better.

Some images paint themselves - this one has been harder and may be because not enough bones - strong larger elements within image.

Wish I had camera that could take images of paintings - a macro lens. Still have not purchased high end camera. Leaning towards Cannon.

Another issue with painting is use of soft pastels and varnish not working on fixing them. Internet Yahoo research identifies fixative for oil pastels put out by French pastel manufacturer. Guess I know what I am doing at lunch time tomorrow. Walking to art store...

So far this spring not heard many spring migrants. Heard yellow warbler yesterday leaving a soccer game. Maybe one redstart in the park.

Red buds are glorious as are the dogwoods. Daffodils a past their p[rime and lilacs have not come out.

Here is a red bud image:

I became enchanted with red buds because of older tree in Grammercy Park in Manhattan. The bare limbs were alive with purplish buds - as if on fire for a few days a year. Stunning.

I live to see things that are stunning, indoors or out.

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