Friday, May 11, 2007

Wedding Painting Update ("Gimme, Take Me, Love Me")

Gave commissioned work and the recipient, the gift giver, was delighted. I hope the married couple like it as well - I will know by early June, I hope. The painting was light in mood - almost decorative (help me), but still valid (not pretty just for prettiness's' sake).

While looking at drafts of wedding images, found another that is valid, in fact quite good. Altering images is a bit like playing a song - maybe a jam - you have got to know when to stop. With computer graphics you can "save as" to freeze a version before continuing - with real paint you cross ten thousand Rubicons without much of a safety net.

I crave a good safety net....oh well.

It would be great if we could do "save as" in our relationships to keep forever something pure and magical and hopelessly ephemeral.

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