Monday, April 2, 2007

The right to remain silent....

Going on vacation- to Miami and some of my favorite places - the Everglades and the middle Keys. No posts, then - not that anyone ever reads much here.

Here are some pics gleaned off Yahoo of Bahia Honda - my favorite beach in the USA. The beach is white sand and waves tiny. Possible to snorkel and not over crowded. Considered in travel magazines as \one of the best beaches in America. Only one of a few good ones in the Keys.

Key West does not have one good beach. You go there to drink or to shop and the shopping is poor, unless you like things gaudy, over priced and gaudy, or if you are into Jimmy Buffett. I like two Buffett songs.

Best line is "Some people say there's a woman to blame, but I know, it's my own damn fault."

Me, I will take the middle Keys, anytime. Sombrero Beach in Marathon, for example, where you can walk up to tame wild borrowing owls in the afternoon. Or birding early in the morning on Boot Key. Once in September I saw 2,000 broad winged hawks take off from a grove of trees there once there were enough thermals (hot air rising that they could use to float up without spending energy) to help with their migration south. It was an amazing moment. Breathtaking and defining. First five hawks then, then ten and then it was like a bee swarm in the air.

I live for these miracles of vision - whether in nature or about town. I know wonder and beauty when I see it. I am a sponge. A good thing except that sponges have no brains.....

Hope to take a few good pics down there. Still have not bought a good camera.

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