Sunday, April 29, 2007

KT Tunstall

At Target store today - truly horrible record department. Is this where America music is headed? I mourn for Tower Records, a place you could find things from artist not covered in People magazine.

Target had no Moby, but had at least five copies of the Paris Hilton CD. Lot of Hillary Duff CDs. These disks stood out because of lack of product.

Bought "Eye to the Telescope" by KT who is Scottish but sounds like she sat for a long while alongside Bonnie Raitt. Interesting but I am not in love with her music, yet. Still worth watching.

A pic of KT. On target. Should I jump on the star bandwagon?

Would have paid four dollars less if I bought the CD at Amazon. I shop Amazon and dislike the iTunes store. MP3 quality at over a dollar per song? Can only be copied a few times? Never bought anything there. Not one song.

Maybe something out of print, someday.

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