Thursday, April 19, 2007

Beauty, Continued Today and Forever

I find Penelope beautiful and I would never describe her as merely pretty. Her nose is too large for judgment by anyone vapid enough to hold a caliper to determine the proper proportions for the ideal feminine portrait.

She is not idealized and in her imperfection lies the depth of her perfection. She is stunning because she breaks the mold - shatters it. She is gorgeous because she takes that which is flawed in each of us and recombines it to a chilling effect.

Her nose is a counterpoint to her large expressive eyes and to sublime lips and a proportioned chin. The combination makes her unique. Add to that her personality and intelligence - so alive and charismatic that you want to be near her to share the excitement of experiencing the vitality of her exhaled breath.

Few super models models are truly stunning, able to be mined into art. Most models just sell product. Jean Shrimpton was immortalized by Richard Avedon in the 1960s. There are remarkably few photos of Ms Shrimpton on the internet. She was a free spirit and did not like being a model. She was one of my first crushes.

I have always respected and been in awe of Christie Turlington's poise. She is a chameleon, gives the camera more looks than anyone I have gazed at. She is five or more women. Half latin. Very smart. She was one of my last crushes.

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