Sunday, April 15, 2007

At the Foot of Seven Mile Bridge

The Seven Mile Bridge south of Marathon is the longest bridge in the USA. We had stopped there because there was a kettle of immature frigate birds flying above - eight of them - moving slowly towards Key West. Following drunk tourists, I am sure.

Below is a picture of mature male off Internet. Frigate birds are large graceful birds. Male has large red breeding throat pouch and is otherwise all black. Best places in United States to see them are the Keys and a bay off San Marcos Island on west coast of Florida near Naples.

As sunset approached we walked a bit on the older bridge along side Highway 1. The older bridge, built after World War II, is now used for fishing. Below there were large fish with top fins breaking out of the water as pursued prey. Tarpons we were told. I had thought they were dolphins because of their large size. Very white.

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