Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The need to create and unrelated ramblings ending up in woods in a small tent suddenly believing in god

Realize it, my need to create art, is stronger than other cravings. Lucid eye opening revelation.

Need inspiration. Back to MOMA.

Regarding pics below, I like the first and the last and the ones in between are like a car pile up. Sometimes the images get worse before better. Like a head on disaster where everything, everyone, is a casualty. EMS then rushes in....Need to pull it out of the trash or out of the hat or out of somewhere less civil.

Been listening to Tori Amos. "The Beekeeper" is relatively safe and melodic. Will listen to it again. Seems happier. Is that good?

Bjork and Moby. Bjork is manic cute serene brainy. I cannot underestimate brains and vision. Moby "Hotel" is brilliant.

The thing about cities is we lose the stars. Everyday lights block out their very existence not to mention their in-your-face magnificence. We artificially enlarge our worth by denying the volume of our universe. Go up on mountain or a desert far from humanity and in the pitch black look up. What you will see there may lead you to pray. I may be repeating myself here. But since no one reads this, who cares.

That is one exquisite beauty of camping in the back woods- hearing crickets and acknowledging our role in the universe.

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