Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I aqm facing back, but going forward...

I love and despise by Blackberry. This morning I had the thought above on the train. Typo aside I would say it is true. Thank you.

On way to train near my corner I was almost run over. Guy jumped into his pick up truck, revved engine and started pulling back. I was right behind the car and started screaming and waving my arms. He stopped, pulled down his window and I started cursing at him. He kept apologizing and I kept calling him names and he asked why did I not accept his apology and I responded he needed to learn from his mistake.

How many of us learn form ours? And for how long do we retain wisdom gained through misfortune?

I was listening very loudly to my iPod when this happened. The song playing was "Romeo and Juliet" by Dire Straits. A love song on a love song play list I created a few months back when it was the middle of winter in New York and one could walk out in a light coat. Great song set, if I say so myself.

I have a lot of time. I think too much. Like I have thought about which day of the week I would die, which month of the year, which season, AM or PM. Different odds with each.

But, I had never thought about the song that would be playing when I died....AM or PM is a safer fifty-fifty bet. Please laugh.

So the thoughts for today are "I aqm facing back, but going forward...and which song will be playing when I die."

Please laugh, again. With sugar on top.

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