Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back Home

Back home, house cold and heat is on. Back yard is full of perfect daffodils which I thought I would miss. Forsythia not past its peak.

Working on new computer with horrible wireless mouse. New keyboard is also typo attracting.

Good vacation, enjoyed the warmth, beach and the birds. Learned to use my Blackberry which did not work on the plane.

Took a lot of pics with pocket digital camera. Couple seem good. Missed painting and creating.

Florida has been hit by a couple of hurricanes since I last visited and some of my favorite places are changed as a result. No more burrowing owls at Sombrero Beach - habitat destroyed by tidal surge. Eco Pond in Everglades is devastated - wonderful fresh water oasis flooded and out and destroyed by salt water surge. The once idyllic freshwater marsh is a barren dead mess with almost no bird life.

No more hotel in Flamingo. A ten foot wall of water demolished one of my favorite places to stay....actually the only place to stay in the Everglades unless you camp (which is an insane thing to do most of the year due to heat and mosquitoes).

More at eleven.

Eco Pond as I remember it.....paradise.

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