Friday, April 20, 2007

Glorious Day in NYC

Beautiful warm weather - the air is warm yet crisp. Went for short stroll at lunch and into Museum of Modern Art. Museum flooded with school groups - grade school through junior high through high school. Museum shop had a line that would have taken 40 minutes to get through.

No way will I endure that. I am as likely to stand on line for long as I am be able to fund the purchase of a Van Gogh. Well, I would stand in that line for a week for a real Klee, Motherwell, or any Kline. Not for a Warhol, unlikes I am allowed to resell it immediately and then get out of the rat race.

No one calls it the rat race any more. What kind of race is it?

Days like this I love New York. Remember not to go to MOMA on Fridays until summer unless you wish to relive your youth and all its ripe ready to pluck promises.

Happy weekend. Catch and hold unto something nice.

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