Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thursday's commute - mostly the morning near the E train platform although the last image was taken on track level as I was trying to board a train late and still get a seat. Another straggler commuter going the other way.

For months I have been experimenting with light levels at Penn and elsewhere and I like certain places. Some places have bad light and "blackberry light" is finicky - not too much and not too little. Some LIRR platforms have a quality despite the dimness and the yellow floor paint sometimes hums. The lighting requires fewer subjects - when you get a crowd the quality gets blocked by a sea of dark coats.

So for now, certain places and some amount of panning. I still shoot others but spend less time there. I really do not shoot for that long each day and a lot of it driven by when the next train is available, particularly at night.


jgy said...

Yes, everything
is fleeting.

Thanks for 'being there' at my event yesterday (Sunday).


Mick said...

Ahhh, the pressure of working under difficult conditions ... win.lose.draw!

Debi said...

I was struck today that, although there is quite the hustle and bustle of people in your BB shots, there is a pervasive sense of aloneness.

The woman in the red coat, alone with her coffee.

Hundreds, alone with their blackberries.

The lady in white, alone with her apparently serious thoughts.

You, alone with your clandestine art.

It's not sad necessarily. It's just, well, alone. A paradox, even: The more people you are with, the more alone you are.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I am enjoying all your pics and wowed at how well you've mastered this BB photography. You've got almost focused people, frozen as if they are moving in slow motion. Yet the blur of busy life is all around them and yet somehow it looks soft and peaceful.
Yay you:)