Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year, but I bet you have already heard that somewhere. Here I am up and all others are asleep. I love the peace of the early morning. If only songbirds were singing outside...soon, just months.

Once again BB shots - Wednesday and Thursday commutes on my return to the grind. Marie, Greg, Alex and Mariana came into the city on Wednesday and they went to MoMA to see Tim Burton exhibit. They also walked around midtown and then at night we all had bar-b-que at Virgil's near Times Square. They got to see the ball lit up since they were practicing letting it drop. It was very cold and crowded.

I am posting one photo of Mariana on the LIRR train ride home. The train was crowded so she and I sat apart.

Friday morning was snowing and I took a shot out the window from the railroad car as the train approached Jamaica Station. At Penn there was more security than there were commuters, almost. Later, the subway was very empty - look at the picture of the empty subway car at the height of rush hour. Wise men stayed home.

All my best. Have a great weekend.




Leslie Avon Miller said...

Sending wishes for a Fresh New Year to you John!

jgy said...

My best, again.
Listening to the sound of the Wii in the other room, and the voices of my daughter and her friend who slept over.
The New Years holiday here is long, and the school starts on the 8th.

Sweet picture of Mariana, and of the mood of the first days of the NYYEAR.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Mariana looks happy and just a little mischevious:)

Number 6 is a classic shot! Fantastic compostition of light and dark and lines and spaces. I would be very happy with a photo like that!