Saturday, January 9, 2010



Small sized version and a detail. Today we start a second week of cold windy weather peppered with flurries.

I love standing near a sand dunes and am grateful that more and more people now respect them and do not trample them. You have to respect any vegetation that thrives with no nutrients and the constant onslaught of salt, sand and wind.

If it were not so cold I might venture to the west end of Jones Beach. I have less hardy, less foolish, these days - oh well.

I remember years ago in a harsh winter day walking at large the west end field because there was a rare falcon there - a gyrfalcon, the largest falcon in the world that almost always stays far north of NYC, even in winter. You find the "Gyr" in places like northern Greenland. I was roaming the West End dunes in the bitter cold when I saw in the inlet a thirty or more of fishermen in a party baot going out into the Atlantic for some deep sea cod fishing. I thought to myself that those guys were crazy and then I realized I was there myself. At least I was on dry land.

I did see the Gyr parked illegally on the Meadowbrook Parkway. Before it arrived about a hundred gulls took to the air, scared. The Gyr circled around, almost landed in a bare tree and then it was gone. It flew remarkably fast although its wing beats did not indicate much effort. I have never seen another one.


Four Seasons in a Life said...

Greetings to you Joghn,

This reminds me very much of a city construction wall with posters torn and weathered.

Once again a most remarkable work of art.

Thank you for sharing,

The Green Stone Woman said...

I like your quilt and I like it when you reminisce.

Frances said...

Evocative - you write so well john

Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing sighting, to see a gyrfalcon at Jones Beach. It must be nice to bundle up and walk there in the winter. In all my years in Freeport, I only went there in summer...silly youthful days, to not realize the beauty of the beach in winter!!!

I just listened to Neko case, very cool, thanks for the link.

Then seeing these collages, it's the winter, Neko Case, John seeing Numbers, and NY.MORA>>Rock and Roll inspired fashion quilts.
It's nice to sense the pieces all coming together. Lately I like the idea of grouping art pieces like an album, about 12 tracks on each.
This is a great track for one of your albums...

Debi said...

In your quilts, you can do no wrong either as pure abstract or with touches of realism. I can't decide which I like better. Nor do I need to.

Beautiful story about the Gyr, remembered so eloquently, and detailed.

I have seen exactly one American Finch here. I heard it before I saw it. While I worked, a different background sound reached my consciousness, causing me to stop and search outside. There it was, a lone tiny yellow and black bird sitting at the top of my dying elm.

I wanted it to stay, but it didn't. I wanted it to come back. It never has.