Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cold Tuesday. A few still brave single digit wind chill in suit jackets. Others become round in down. Me, I dream of crocuses.

The only time I liked the depth of winter was when I had time to do a lot of bird watching. Then I would seek out winter owls, finches and ducks.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

We got better binoculars, but haven't ventured out to the sanctuary yet. How do you find winter owls? At night?

Anonymous said...

Most owls are nocturnal so I mostly found them in trees. In Central Park I have seen Barn, Great Horned, Long Eared and Saw-whet Owls. The Great Horned was flying then perched. I have seen Barred owls in South Florida and also Borrowing Owls - Burrowing Owls live in underground tunnels. I have alsoo seen Eastern Screech. In the I have seen west Western Screech and barred. In south texas there are pygmy owl. There was a samll rare owl I saw in south Arizona - Whiskered Screech Owl. Pygmy Owls are in Madera Canyon (AZ) and fly around at night hunting moths under street lamps

Short Eared owls fly in day time. I have seen them near the shore always in meadows. I have seen a couple of barn owls at night while driving - this is one reason why people think they have seen ghosts.

Years ago when we lkived in manhattan Marie and I rented a car and drove 300 miles to see a hawk owl in Pennsylvania - raining, middle of winter in a farm fieeld, a fanmer sold hot chocolate to a hundred of crazy birders.

Local bird club should be able to identify owl spots. There might also be a local "rare bird alert" phone or web site.


John M. Mora said...

Snowy owls on beaches (awake or asleep sitting in dunes) in winter in the daytime and also flying.

Mick said...

Are there any owls in the subway? Besides nightowls I mean.

among found objects said...

Happy to be in spain... it is raining and raining and the clothes are moldy buy at least my tootsy stay warm.

The coldest moment I have ever experienced was in Boston with my family at night searching for a snowy owl my sister was determined to find.

No we never did see the owl.

Anonymous said...

Finding a snowy owl is as hard as finding one in subway. Flying around. Owl wings are silent so you do not hear them in the air. Rodents have good ears never damaged at Ramones concerts. Owls need that. A snowy owl at night is hunting and a avoiding mankind.

Frances said...