Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is a sample from Candace Moore's blog where she posted her formal studies of two paintings by Anders Zorn. I used the painting of Zorn's wife, Emma. Thank you, Candace, for letting me sample your work.

On Long Island there is a chicken restaurant chain called Zorn's. Better yet, is my free association to Bon Iver's album from last year, "For Emma, Forever Ago." Skinny Love. I have linked this song, before.

Most can relate to a broken heart, sometime. Hump day, yes.


Candace X. Moore said...

She looks really pretty, John. I see the image in a completely different way, after reading your associations. Some sadness in the expression, the source...perhaps something she just read. And "Skinny Love", the perfect audio complement. Nice, very enriching. Honored. C

Mick said...

I've been broken-hearted so long that this state of mind is the new normal ... (sigh)

The Green Stone Woman said...

Very beautiful, John, and I'm like Nick, permanently broken hearted.