Thursday, May 21, 2009

West 53rd Street, midtown.

Both pics were taken five minutes apart and within five feet of each other. One image is composed while the other was taken from the hip, covertly and instantly. The building in the reflection is 666 Fith Ave.


Mick said...

Both are gorgeous.

jgy said...

Yes, an elegant pair.
I can see them in a gallery in 57th street, or better yet a museum on 53rd.

Very zen too.

Like calligraphy brushed in one stroke, without the mind. Oh, but you used your hip, so does the analagy still work?

Too many words. The pics are beautiful!

Debi said...

What's this? While I've been goofing off and away, you've introduced a whole new side of you, the B (B) side.

I love this pair of shots. I've never been to NYC and yet with these two photos I feel like I was there today.

John, you have the soul of an artist, no matter whatever nonsense you do during the day.

(This is weird. Just this very day I posted an image from my archives that I distinctly recall trying to do Mora-quilt-like. And then I come here and no quilts, but photos. Interesting.)

SusuPetal said...

Both are awesome! Carpe diem at it's best.

The Gossamer Woman said...

I like you BB shots. The more the better. I like the covert ones the best.