Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bellmore train platform at 5:30 PM today, train flying west. Fast reaction shot when I noticed the train shooting by. Quite noisy moment.

On Monday we spent party of the afternoon at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, a preserve near JFK Airport in Queens. We saw many birds in migration and also many summer residents setting up nests and territories. The picture above is of the wooded area. Most of the preserve is marshes, ponds, and mudflats.

We had great views of glossy ibis, cedar waxwing, yellow warbler, house wren, restart warbler, white eyed vireo, northern waterthrush, veery, brown headed cowbird, American oystercatcher, brandt, willet, red winged blackbird, grey catbird, great egret, snowy egret, great blue heron, tricolored heron, yellow crowned night heron, black crowned night heron and osprey on their nest. Warm lyrical day and no soccer games.

There were hundreds of tree swallows flying and bringing insects back to their young in their nests. Lovely, gnats included at no extra charge.


jgy said...

Hard to believe its a photo.
Amazing landscape, with that touch of peach light behind the trees.
Couldn't get a more perfect pallette.
And you could see all those birds. Wow, this post to me is on the border of dreams and reality, if you told me it was a dream I would not be surprised!
Lucky you to have spent such a day, or such a dream.

BTW, can you belieive all these years in Japan and I've never seen a Pokemon movie. My daughter loves the game too (on a DS, maybe its like a game boy). Maybe I will surprise her and propose that we go to a movie, she will be thrilled! THanks.

The Gossamer Woman said...

It's true, it looks like an old painting touched by the hands of time. It's very pretty, although that's the wrong word to use. I prefer it.

I can't believe you know that many birds.