Friday, May 22, 2009

Bellmore station train platform.

Taken around five-thirty PM with concrete basked in late May late day light. The "W" is part of a stencil warning riders to "Watch the Gap" - meaning to remember to step into the train.

Portrait of an artist as a young pigeon.

Thanks for your encouraging comments. The blackberry has such a low quality camera - the lens smaller than a pea and I cannot control exposure , etc - still I am enjoying the experimentation.


jgy said...

W for more wows.
Great color. And glimpse into your present. If you can find beauty and expression in that moment, as you do, it doesn't matter the size of the lens, rather it's the size of your vision...
I am laughing at your pigeon joke.

Mick said...

Low resolution can be very artistic, John, just as can be seen in many of your recent posts, including this one. If you haven't already checked out monkeyinfez and his low res photographic genius, you should.

allthesnoozethatsfittoprint said...

I love the muted colors, the hint of a word but nothing more ... it works as an abstraction without the description.