Thursday, May 7, 2009


Detail, full sized.

This started with Mick's image from yesterday - sampled, shaken not stirred. Then I added some Joanne samples from discarded crepes wrapper and her current show's invitation. Downstate Japan meets upstate New York by way of a rail infested long island. A life sometimes obscured by clouds....

Here is the evol.ution. No hamsters were hurt making this movie.

Mick's inspiration.

My stir-fry.

Wrapped and walked...

Further along. Oh, well. When is one done?

Thanks for your comments and visits. Thanks also, Mick and Joanne.


Mick said...

In a word, John - WOW! Thanks for the step-by-step, I enjoyed that too!

Frances said...

oh - Mick got in with WOW first. Now I don't know what to say. WOW will have to do.

jgy said...

The third WOW!
NOw, THAT`s a walk!!!
To Mt. Fuji, via NY.
The Japanese characters and the intricate mappings work wondrafully. I can get lost in it,
if you don`t see me for a few days just look in the details.
(smiley face icon)