Sunday, May 3, 2009

More BB images - weekend of track meet, soccer games and rain...dogwood in front in bloom.


jgy said...

You are raising the BB photos to an art form. Some feeling of early photography in the Dogwood pic, could be from another century if not for the car.
In the track one I love the abstract lines and those colors --pink, purply mauves(?).
Hope your track `n fielders came in first.

Anonymous said...

Alex won his six runner 100 yard heat and he also won the long jump - in the long jump he beat 50 third graders by jumping 9 1/2 feet. He came in second on 200 meter race. It is great for his self confidence.

Mariana is not as fast and is doing track for general conditioning . She is a dancer and not a runner, at heart. She did not finish her two races "in the money," but the coaches make all the kids feel good.