Sunday, May 31, 2009


May is my favorite month but She merely introduces Her older sister, June.

Created from blackberry images taken yesterday - the reflection is a muddy infield puddle and bright young tree leaves seen through the color filter that is the upper windshield of my Subaru.

Puddle is a great word.


The Gossamer Woman said...

You've created a very Japanese image, whether or not this was your intention. I like the delicacy of the branches and the leaves and the combination of golden brown and green in the background. The clincher is the reflection that seems to appear as a secret door to another dimension, as if it beckons you to go there.

SusuPetal said...

The colors tell of the coming of June, she's darker than her sister May, more fertile and she has a longing for long, warm nights and lazy naps during the day.

Kim said...

I have a feeling June is going to be the cold icy sister over this side of the world.. John
a stunning emerald burst...of sunshine :)
amazing colour....very un puddle like ;)

Mick said...

Puddle? Yes, it is a great word and fun to say ... even more fun to jump up and down in! :D

jgy said...

Sliding screens uniquely you.
Where will they open up to

(meanwhile I thought I had the little profile picture, I'll go for the thrird strike)