Friday, May 22, 2009

E train, 9:10 or so AM.

There are few places where you are as packed, without intimacy> Mine is a "rush hour train, mostly after work, when there are "delays."

I thinking of of doing a series, these were taken this morning on the ten minute train ride, uptown. Not crowded because the Friday before the Memorial Day weekend.

Because of the POOR lighting and train movement the focus is slurred and less "photographic."

I am fighting all of my icons - Weston, Steichen, Adams, Evans, Callahan and so many others all who made the camera focus clearly and not attempt to ape the older art of paint.


Mick said...

Clear focus vs out of focus, always a struggle.

jgy said...

With these compositions, your treatment of the edges, creatiion of space, and entry into the pictures, I think your icons would even approve!

Tha one with the turqoise blues has me sitting at the edge of my seat:)