Friday, May 22, 2009

Wantagh pond, 4 PM.

I left early tonight and jumped on an unfamiliar train and unfortunately the first stop was Wantagh, one town further east of my stop. So I walked home and I tool this parkway overpass bridge that also separates two large ponds. As I walked into the trees, I heard some migrant birds. I stopped and tried to identify them, but it was mostly by song. There was a magnolia warbler there and some warbling vireos, I think. Rustier than I used to be when I birded most weekends.

While enjoying the moment I noticed pond reflections through the trees and I shot this trough a cyclone fence.

Modified image.


The Gossamer Woman said...

Too bad there was a fence built around that lovely piece of nature. Who are they protecting it from?

Anonymous said...

You can walk in through gates. People fish there. A few years ago we found a large wild turtle in our neighborhood and we released it there. His name was Bob. In summer there are a few bats flying there close to sunset.

Mick said...

I took a 2-mile walk along one particular stretch of the old Erie Canal the other day and was treated to a number of views similar to this. Lots of birds busy all along the way too and now, I suppose, I'll need to take an identification course, haul along the binoculars, a recording device and one of those birding books! The pack gets heavier all the time!

jgy said...

Sounds like a serendipitous walk, that you could find your way to birding so close to home.
Beautiful reflections.